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 Esports Summer Series Super Smash Bros! Nintendo Switch!

Super Smash Bros Match Rules
Set Length: All league sets will be the best-of-3 games.

Set Procedure

  1. Players select their characters. Either player may choose to do a Double-Blind Character Selection.

  2. Use Starter Stage Striking to determine the first stage

  3. Players will play the first game of the set

  4. The winner of the first set bans 2 stages. The losing player of the preceding game picks the stage for the next game adhering to Stage Clause and Bans

  5. The winning player of the preceding game must declare their character selection for the next game

  6. The losing player of the preceding game must announce their character selection of the next game

  7. The next game is played

  8. Repeat Steps 4 through 7 for all subsequent games until the set is complete

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