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Online Friendlies Best of 1

Stadium Settings

  • Stadium: FEWC Stadium

  • Season: Fall/Autumn

  • Time of Day: 3:00PM

  • Pitch Wear: None


  • Players must ensure they are communicating with Tournament Admins.

  • If players fail to be ready to play within 10 minutes of admin’s request their match may be forfeited. Multiple occurrences will result in the team being dropped from the tournament.

  • Players failing to communicate with tournament admins may have matches forfeited or be dropped from the tournament.

Rules and settings


  • Game Type: Online Friendlies.

  • Controls: Any

  • Team Level: Any

  • Squad Type: Online

Match Settings

  • Difficulty Level: World Class

  • Half Length: 6 minutes

  • Game Speed: Normal

Stadium Settings:

  • Stadium: FEWC Stadium

  • Season: Fall/Autumn

  • Time of Day: 3:00PM

  • Pitch Wear: None

Map Option: Disable all maps except for the map that is to be played.

  • Hint: there is a None button to deselect all

Camera Settings - Players may not use these camera settings:

  • Pro

  • End to End

  • Dynamic

Visual Settings

  • HUD: Player Name & Indicator

  • Player Indicator: Player Name

  • Time/Score Display: On

  • Radar: 2D


  • Handball off - everything else on


  • Commentary off

Allowed Consumables

  • Contract Consumables

  • Position Change Consumables

  • Healing Consumables

  • Chemistry Style Consumables

  • Manager League Consumables

  • Fitness Consumables

Disallowed Consumables

  • Training Consumables

Disconnects and Technical issues

  • Pauses are only available to teams in extreme circumstances, such as technical or network issues. Tournament Admins should be notified of reasons for the pause and will determine the proper actions forward to resolve paused matches

  • Tournament Admins will allow a maximum of 10 minutes of pause time and 3 pauses per matchup. Players must resolve the issue within that time. Failure to resolve the issue will result in the continuation of the map as normal.

  • In the event of a disconnect, the game should be resumed with an implied score and the remaining time in the match played out.

Cheating, Griefing, and other dishonorable conduct

  • Depending on the level of dishonorable conduct the offending player may receive a warning or be dropped from the tournament.

  • The Tournament Admins have final say in dealing with bad behavior. They have the final say and there is no appeal process.

  • Reporting any issues with behavior must be brought to the Tournament Admins not the offending players.

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