Within 1 month
  • More advanced event creation with support for multiple stages and multiple groups
Next 4 months
  • Free For All support
  • Rich statistics for events with api integrations
  • Continue supporting additional titles
  • Support for practices and skirmishes in addition to events
  • Support for brawl titles such as Fortnite and PUBG
  • Tools to let school admins better manage their students
  • New native sharing options
  • Bookmark your favorite filters
  • New ways to earn achievements
  • Discord widget support
  • New create event interface
  • Manage event has a new interface as well
  • Improved player check-in process
  • Added banning options, including permaban
  • Added roster lock-in windows
  • A way to set game lobby information
  • Management for school programs
  • Improved friend request system
  • Options to resync calendars
  • Support for reporting messages
  • Profile photo/major/minor fields added for students
  • Improved mobile support
  • Dispute resolution system for game scores
  • Improved follow system for teams, events, schools, and users
  • Tutorial system to help explain the platform to new users
  • Improved Discord support
  • Tools to let school admins better manage their students
  • Enhanced IMLeagues integration
  • Comments and messages systems
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